Multisensory Course

Great Oaks' multisensory programmes are designed specifically to meet the educational needs of young adults with profound & multiple learning difficulties.

Multisensory programmes are individually designed to meet students’ needs, enabling them to develop and maintain skills in communication, interest and awareness, physical skills, participation in personal care. Students will have access to community facilities and on site hydrotherapy where appropriate.

This course is a five days per week programme, with students attending from 8:45-14:45.

Students’ therapy needs as indicated in their EHCP will be delivered across the course.

This is a flexible programme which student might attend until they are 25, progress will be reviewed annually with places agreed on a two yearly basis.

Year 1/2 course

Year 1/2 Award in Personal Progress

  • Developing Self Awareness
  • Engaging with the world around you: People
  • Encountering experiences: being part of things

Year 3/4 course

Year 3/4 Certificate in Personal Progress

Engaging with the world around you: objects
Engaging with the world around you: Events
Travel within the community

Entry Criteria
  • Demonstrable progress during the applicant’s previous key stage/phase.
  • Applicants will not be living independently or in residential care before applying.
  • Applicants should not have previously attended a very similar course at another college before attending Great Oaks, not should they already have the qualifications offered on our courses
Next Steps
  • Supported living
  • Community activities