While the college is closed due to Covid-19, we have created a page with regularly updated information. This includes resources to access at home.

Please find a list of useful websites your child can access

Sum Dog- this is a website here students have access to Maths and English games. All students in Vocational have access and some in life skills. please email rmurr@greatoakscollege.com if you are having difficulties logging on


Mars maths – this website caters for students who are working at or above E1 Functional Skills Maths


Stem – this website has lots of practical learning available


Food a fact of life is a website with lots of life skills and cooking resources. take a look!


Twinkl – this is a great website with thousands of resources. this is currently free to use with lots of home learning activities with instructions and schedules!



We have a document for Safeguarding at Oaklands School and Great Oaks College
April 2020 during partial closure due to Covid 19. Please find it attached below