Our Values

Our Values

Our Vision

To be aspirational so that our students recognise that they have control over their future and should be able to work towards leading meaningful lives as their formal education concludes.

To be independent so that they can live with less support and have more control over their daily choices and activities. To build on a student’s individual strengths and personal qualities in an environment that promotes independence and self esteem.

To have respect for themselves and each other, so that as they take their place in society, they understand how they should be treated and how to treat others. To enable our students to transition to post education life with the skills, knowledge and values to be part of their local community and to become a valued citizen.

To work in collaboration with students, their families, therapists, and multiagency professionals to ensure our students access the best package of education to prepare them for their adult life.

To work with integrity to provide our students with a robust education, reliable support, and realistic advice to enable them to raise and reach their aspirations.

To support students and their families with compassion, so their transition from education into adulthood is well planned, supported, and successful.