Our students are supported by a range of qualified therapists and health professionals onsite at College. All students receive a package of Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy as standard. Increased provision and additional therapies are delivered as indicated within an individual’s EHCP or based on our assessment.

Once a place has been accepted by the local authority, our therapists begin their assessments of each individual’s needs. This may include discussions with the student’s current therapists, a visit to their current setting, discussions with families and an examination of their EHCPs. This enables the college to ensure the young person has all the relevant equipment they need, ready for when they begin in September. Equipment may include positional or mobility equipment or AAC (communication) devices.

As required, the college source external support to provide advice and programs for students who have sensory impairments to ensure they can access their education fully.

Dog Therapy

The College has an onsite Therapy Dog called Samson. He works with students to support them if they have a fear of dogs, to encourage physical movement, to develop vocabulary and to provide comfort should a student be experiencing a challenging time.

College Nurse

The college employs a part-time nurse to complete medical care plans for students and to complete staff training and competencies so that the educational staff can meet the medical needs of the young person. The nurse is not able to provide regular medical care for individual students.

Job Coaches

Job Coaches support our students on the Vocational Pathway to become ready for employment. They support external work placements, skills development, travel training and CV writing. They aim to transition students into employment during the summer term of their final year at college.

Transitions Coordinator

Our Transitions Coordinator supports students and their families with a smooth transition both into and out of college education. This helps to ensure that students and their families are aware of the opportunities in the local community when a student leaves education. The Transitions Coordinator attends Personal Pathway Planning meetings when a student begins at Great Oaks and they attend Annual Reviews within transitional years 2 and or 4.

They work with teachers, students, and families to create individualised transition plans and handovers into a student’s next after college.