Educational Enrichment offers

As part of our five-day package, we offer our students one day of exciting enrichment activities. Staff work with students to enable them to continue to make progress towards their EHCP outcomes. Our enrichment days have been designed to enable students to practice their participation in society by learning how to manage their free time, develop their independence skills and to further their interest in maintaining their physical health and mental wellbeing.

GAC 238

Stay Active:

Football, tennis, tag rugby, swimming, circuits, onsite gym sessions, cheer dance, aerobics and dance sessions.

Mental Wellbeing:

Yoga, spa sessions, meditation and relaxation, make up sessions, self-development, dog therapy and gardening.

Creative Arts:

Photography, drawing, clay modelling, crafting, Jewellery making, sewing, painting, printing, music and drama, Makaton choir, drumming workshops, karaoke.

Community Exploration:

Bowling, swimming, gym, cinema, shopping, walking groups, café, library, dog walking.

The Sensory Scene:

Hydrotherapy, yoga, sensory cinema, Social groups, café visit, sensory garden, music sessions, visiting artists,
massage stories.