Vocational Training (two years)

Vocational Training is a two year course designed for young people who have decided which career path they wish to pursue. Students will choose to focus their training on either Facilities, Horticulture, Hospitality or Catering, and will attend an extended work placement in their chosen vocational area in order to develop the specific skills required to gain employment.

Entry Criteria

Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have the potential for employment and can identify a specific career path they wish to pursue. They should already have attended some work experience. Where appropriate, applicants should be willing to undertake independent travel training. Applicants to this course should not already hold a relevant qualification above Entry Level 3.


Core Curriculum on two days per week

Vocational Training on two days per week One day per week of enrichment activities

•Access to at least two twelve-week external work placements at an employer close to the student’s home


• Specific training certificates relevant to chosen career path

• ‘NOCN Functional Skills Entry Level English and Maths qualifications’


A local college course

Supported Internship